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Land administration is the root of all civil affairs, pioneer of all national constructions, and for the protection of people's properties. Implementation of land administration shall rely on sophisticated legal provisions and regulations for better control, protection and maintenance of people's properties.

With the technological development and social structural changes, people have been demanding higher and higher executive efficiency and service standards with great expectations. To meet that challenge, our colleagues have been seeking self-improvement and executive innovations on a continuous basis in order to provide perfect services to the satisfaction of our people.

For the purpose of better tomorrows of land administration, we cordially invite your comments and assistance at all times.


Introduction of this office

History of organization:

This office used to be 「 Tainan Court Registration Office 」 , and were renamed to be 「 Tainan Land Arrangement Department 」 in 1920. After Taiwan's restoration, we combined Land Administration of Tainan government, some staffs from Tainan Local Court and Tainan Land Arrangement Department into 「 Tainan Sinfong Land Administration Office 」 , which is subordinate to Tainan County Government. We changed our name into 「 Gueiren Land Administrative Office 」 according to the location at February 1st, 1955. The district of this office includes Gueiren, Rende, Yongkang, Guanmiao and Longci five counties. According to the increase of business and local people of Yongkang's request, we transferred some of our staffs to Yongkang County and established 「 Yongkang Land Administrative Office of Tainan County 」 . In recent years social prosperity, economic development, land administration business also increased year by year . The old office is not big enough to use, and we can't rebuild at the same spot. We decided to move. And started to rebuild the new building at present address at July 22nd, 1999. The project finished at August 25th, 2000. All the staffs moved to the new office at No. 1203, section 1, Jhongjhengna Road , Lioujia Village , Gueiren country. New office's area: Underground floor 413.80 level grounds , the first floor 381.23 level grounds, the second floor 368.52 level grounds , the third floor 336.03 level grounds , the fourth floor 211.28 level grounds, and total is 1710.88 level grounds. The hardware engineering started on July 22nd, 1999 and finished at August 25 th , 2000 . All the other internal design and water and electricity works finished on December 20 th , 2000. Total engineering fee is NT$76,735,000. Handling land administrative affairs among Gueiren, Rende, Guanmiao and Longci 4 countries.

In order to promote government's land policy, and enhances the service to our people, we in accordance with the points of Administration Yuan:" The points about how to enhance the service to our citizen" And according to Taiwan Provincial Government's policy: Measures to enhance the service to our citizen~ for Taiwan 's government organization. We made a Service for citizen project, and complemented according to our annual budget. And the project is: When handling land administrative business, we should focus on the problems we discovered according to our experience and citizen's need. To improve our movement, attitude, and methods, accomplish with computer. So that we may be more efficient and make more efficiency. Now we handle works according to superior's policy, we received and sent 12,228 governmental in 2001, the average was 2.05 days. Accept the application case 120,693 from citizens , due to the work is too much so we add 50 personnel and technician, measure assistants, and 23 workers. Account 73 people. Beside, we also hire 28 part-time workers, 101 staffs in total. In order to serve citizens, we set three land register examples on the service counter , inside the examples contains every single method to fill register forms , provided citizens and professional land register agent as a reference. Though this, we hope we can integrate the form, so that it may be easy to exam. Beside, at service counters we also provide various application form, and have various case application information, everything is free so that citizen can handle their cases themselves. We will also copy some rules about land administrative and put it on the posting board. So that we may enhance on promoting new government policy. Let citizens and staffs able to know the new policy. It may be also easier to carry out land administrative business.